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Our Clients

Our prestige clients who have received one or many of our services in the Maldives.

Ashena - Motor Yacht - Charter Vessel
Between the Sheets Again- Sailing Yacht
Bird - Sailing Trimaran - Sweden
Blown Away Too - Sailing Yacht- Australia
Dardanella - Ex - Research Vessel: Private Motor Yacht
Gryphon - Private Motor Yacht
Good Life - Sailing Catamaran
Hayama - Japanese Fishing Boat Converted Superyacht
Its My Way - Motor Yacht - In Transit
Kentra - Sailing Ketch - William Fife
Lam Tara - Motor Yacht - Private Motor Yacht
La Vivesource - Sailing Catamaran
Legend II - Sailing Yacht - New Zealand
Mosaique - Motor Yacht - Charter Vessel
Nordhavn 40 - Motor Trawler - Circumnavigator 2004
Montigne - Motor Yacht - Charter Vessel
Vida Alegria - Sailing Catamaran - Austria
Rahal - Motor Yacht - Feadship
Semi Circle - Sailing Yacht
Taz Mania - Sailing Yacht

Foreign Fishing Vessel
Dewi Fortuna - Fishing Long liner and Trawler
Dewi 1 - Fishing Long liner and Trawler
Dewi 2 - Fishing Long liner and Trawler
Dhuveli - Ex - Japanese Patrol Boat

Multipurpose Vessels

Akademik Boris Petrov - Research Vessel
Baltimar Neptune - Container Vessel
Bilaadharu - Tug Boat
Geo Sounder - Research Vessel
Mahanuwara - Salvage Tug
Michael Archangelos – RORO Multipurpose Vessel
Seaco Master - Offshore Supply Vessel
Seaco Merchant - Offshore Supply Vessel
DP2 Seamaster - Offshore Supply Vessel

Navy Ships and other Ships of War

1st Lt. Alex Bonnyman
1st Lt. Jack Lummus
Alvaro De Bazan - Royal Spanish Navy - Frigate
FNS Mistral – French Navy Ship – Landing Helicopter Deck (LHD)
FNS Georges Leygues – French Navy Ship - Guided Missile Destroyer
HMAS Canberra - Royal Australian Navy - Destroyer
HMAS Newcastle - Royal Australian Navy - Destroyer
HMAS Parramatta - Royal Australian Navy - Frigate
HMAS Stuart - Royal Australian Navy - Frigate
INCG Samar - Indian Navy Coast Guard Vessel
INCG Sangram - Indian Navy Coast Guard Vessel
INCG Kasturba Gandhi - Indian Navy Coast Guard Vessel
INS Kesari - Indian Navy Ship - Landing Ship Tank (Large)
INS Matanga - Indian Navy Ship - Navy Tug
INS Nirupak - Indian Navy Ship - Research Vessel
INS Shardul - Indian Navy Ship - Landing Ship Tank (Large)
INS Sujata - Indian Navy Ship - Offshore Patrol Vessel
KD Kedah - Royal Malaysian Navy - Offshore Patrol Vessel
KD Lekiu - Royal Malaysian Navy - Frigate
PNS Saif - Pakistan Navy Ship - Frigate
TCG Giresun - Turkish Navy Ship – Frigate
UAE Das – United Arab Emirates Navy – Corvette

Airforce, Navy and other Military Air crafts
IN 221 - Indian Coast Guard - Dornier
IN 557 - Indian Navy - Seaking Helicopter

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