Crew Change at Maldives

Crew change services and facilities are more to a humanitarian support that we provide for all seafarers. Since seafarers are key workers we believe that arrangements and priorities should be given to those at sea during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Seamanship is a dedication and and unnoticed sacrifices of many to keep the supply chain alive.

For a short turn around and fast changing formalities and guidelines in regard to Covid-19 we provide full support in all formalities, pre arrangements, meeting the requirement of all flying in crew members to sign-on and all flying out sign-off crew members are assisted till their last minutes to complete a proper hand over of vessels at Maldives ports.

All Nationalities are allowed to fly-in and fly-out of Maldives.
A negative PCR test of 92 hours is required before arrival to Maldives.
Vessel can sail after disembarking crew.
An average of 5~7 hours turn around weather permitting.
Crew change at anchorage.
Garbage, sludge, e-waste, etc can be disposed during the call.
Underwater hull inspection, propeller and sea chest cleaning can be conducted.
Scrubbers are approved.

For latest updates and formalities and for a quick PDA contact us anytime on


Sign-ON Crew members

Crew members sponsorship, and pre-approvals formalities for joining the vessels from Maldives.


Clearance formalities, pre-documentations, International Border Health approvals, Health and Security clearance formalities on arrival.

Sign-OFF Crew members

Sign-Off permits from Border Health, arrangement for crew staying at hotel for flights, PCR test if required from Airline or Destination. Hotel accommodated and transportation.

PCR Tests

PCR Test swab sampling arrangements and test results in 12 ~ 24 hours max.

Doctors on-board and Medical Support onboard and at shore

Doctors and Nurses to visit vessels on arrival if required by the owners/operators before disembarking off-signers for FIT TO FLY. Doctors appointments and treatments, assistance and crew support during doctors calls and admissions if required.